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Many people do not realize the challenges involved in not only creating a web design but maintaining that web design once it becomes a website. Sure, you may have cool animations running all over the screen, the colors are sharp, and the formatting is perfect but if your website has not been updated since 2007 then no one cares about all that. Organizations many times call some Columbus web design "expert" to come in and put them on the web as soon as they can. Great, so now your web design has now moved on to a website, what now? Do you keep up with it? Is the original Columbus web design "expert" still around?

Columbus Web Design Maintenance

Central Ohio Websites can provide updates and maintenance agreements at an hourly rate or monthly package for any new or existing website. Our Columbus web design professionals can dedicate a set amount of time to your site every month to updates articles, post pictures, make a banner with breaking news, and many other options. This is your own web designer, dedicated to you, that can get web design tasks taken care of making you look good on the web.

Redesign Your Website

Need a new site but do not want to make a large upfront payment? The monthly update package could work wonders for you. Throughout the course of time, your site can evolve into more of what you wanted and before you know it the website is designed how you want it all while keeping your continuity online.