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Where you host your website is one of those things that a lot of people do not think about on a regular basis unless they are having outages or some other issue. The question often arises as to why our hosting is better than someone else that offers website hosting at a low cost or even free. Like any piece of property, the three most important factors in determining the desirability of any property are "Location, location, location". Would you think an office in a high rise is more reputable than one in the basement of a "Gentlemen's Club"? Imagine how your website looks to the robots, spiders, and indexers coming through your website. You could have the best web design in Columbus but if your site shares a host with an adult site, you are less reputable. If someone across the globe happens to be on the same IP address sending out spam then that is a mark against you since most filters only look for IP addresses. This means your email might not be reaching some customers because of the virtual "neighborhood" your site is in.

This is Why Your Web Host Matters

Disadvantages of Discounted Hosting

Web hosting companies have to make money, otherwise they would not be in business. In order to stretch each dollar they combine sites on one IP. It has already been mentioned that web hosting companies do not care who else is on your IP but they also do not care who uses the resources like disk space and bandwidth. If your web site is hosted on a server with thousands of other sites then you also have to share bandwidth, disk space, and other server resources with thousands of other sites. Not good if you plan on having any amount of traffic.

Clean Servers and Good Reputations

At Central Ohio Websites, we keep our neighborhoods clean. This means we allocate bandwidth and disk space that far exceeds what most organizations could ever legitimately use. Our email is cleaned both ways, in and out, to make sure no virus or rogue marketing campaigns damage the reputation of our other customers.

Dedicated IP Hosting

If you are now too scared to even think about sharing a host with anyone else, we can put you on a dedicated IP address. This way, you are sure everything to do with your website is of your own doing without the fear of one bad site ruining the name you worked hard to create.

Check Other Sites On Your Current Host

I invite you to send us a web hosting question or go to the site where they have a free tool to see who else is on your host.